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The Git Workflows Warehouse project is maintained by members of the Institute of Coding team at the University of Manchester.

As our contribution to the work of the Institute, we are researching and developing tools for teaching core software engineering skills. We wanted tools for teaching Git Workflows to undergraduate students, but found that they did not exist. The Git Workflows Warehouse project is our attempt to create better resources for understanding and learning about Git workflows.

You can find out more about our work with the Institute of Coding at the University of Manchester’s team website.

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The Institute of Coding is funded by a grant from the UK Office for Students.

The Team

Portrait photo of Julio Cortes Rios
Julio Cesar Cortes Rios (Research Associate)
Portrait photo of Sukru Eraslan
Sukru Eraslan (Research Associate)
Portrait photo of Suzanne Embury
Suzanne M. Embury (Reader)